You are invited to attend Focus Sessions on Zoom!

Each week, between the two virtual public workshops of 12/1 and 1/21, the feasibility study project team is convening Focus Sessions. These virtual sessions are designed to hear about stakeholders’ specific interests and concerns regarding a potential Aquatic/Recreation Center.

We are scheduling 45-minute Zoom sessions – both generic and specific interest sessions – based on interest such as: Aquatics, Sports, Cultural Arts/Education, Service Organizations/Clubs. 

Presently, we are offering::

Aquatic Focus Session: Thursday, 12/17 at 6pm


Recreation Providers (Schools, Leagues, Clubs, Gyms): Tuesday, 12/22, 6pm


Cultural Arts and Education Focus Session: Tuesday, 12/22, 7pm

Please send interest to

Include your time/day-of-the-week preference or any potential other stakeholder contact to be included in this effort. A personal invitation (Zoom link) will follow.