Reconnect through recreation

“Re-Create and Recreate” is a community campaign, calling for everyone’s participation.    This is a continuous calling for your ideas about recreation, about our local needs and dreams.  

The public outreach plan has since been uniquely designed around the circumstances of the health pandemic, bringing forth alternative means to still ensure community interactions, such as recorded podcast that will include public comments and hopefully be shared widely by residents.

Surveys, formal and informal such a reaction poll to podcast, will used throughout the process to provide constant feedback on the ideas as they surface in the areas of recreational programming, facility design, site suggestions, and funding options.

The year ahead will have opportunities for all levels of participation and for your constant engagement. View the timeline here.

Please sign up for project updates (on right), spread the word, take each survey, and attend events around milestones in the process.  

A project steering committee, with open public meetings, will review each milestone product during their meetings, October – May. You can register for those meetings – and find active surveys – on the Dialogue page.

For more information or any concerns, please contact