Final Focus Sessions: Now! & the Next 2 Wednesdays

This is a reminder of the scheduled focus discussions for the Re-CreateandRecreate Feasibility Study.

Please use the link below to go directly into the Zoom Discussion Session:

Monday, Jan 11th, 4PM: Aquatic Focus Session

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Wednesday, January 13th, 5PM: Recreation Programs/Sports/Arts  

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 Wednesday, Jan 20th, 4PM : General (Health and Fitness)

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No registration is required for these sessions.   

Please feel to sign in with or without video and also to forward these links to your own contacts. Call-in Phone numbers are also available for those who want to attend by phone.

If you have questions or concerns, please call on Project Administrator, anytime at 253 480-2488 or at

We will look forward to getting your input here and a full community report at the public workshop which at a date to be determined.  

Thank you again for your interest!