This project is about dialogue that informs and empowers about indoor recreation opportunities.

While conducting a scientifically-valid telephone survey in August 2020, the questions at hand are open to all, throughout the year-long process. Feel free to start general dialogue with us through this link.

Please see the agenda for the first, open, public meeting of the Project Steering Committee on Thursday, 10/22/20, 6-8:30pm. It was conducted live on Zoom webinar and shared through social media such as Facebook accounts associated with the cities of Covington and Maple Valley. You can watch and comment on the meeting through the official Facebook pages of the City of Covington and Maple Valley.

A meeting report will also be provided to summarize the meeting and its related project milestone progress.

Compilation of Phone Surveys here

Public Meeting Summaries here.  (Coming Soon, after the first meeting on 10/22/20)

For more information or any concerns, please contact info@re-createandrecreate.com