Raise a question for the Feasibility Study leadership team!

We would love to hear your questions, screen them for posting here, and allowing answers to come from the team and possibly the public. Simply email the project team at

Please also let us know if you want to specifically address the Citizen Steering Committee members. They are are anxious to build dialogue with you here, working towards a community consensus.

Please see the Steering Committee’s desired outcomes of the study, in the form of an anagram below, befitting their effort to bring the

“F-E-A-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y S-T-U-D-Y” alive:

The “Y” is the call for your desired outcome or expectation of the study. Please share your contribution to the anagram – use any of the letters for your word or phrase contribution; send to We will build on this anagram and get there, together!