Steering Committee Application

Welcome to your Steering Committee Application

First and Last Name
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Are you interested in the Steering Committee for this Feasibility Study? Why?
Which issues, concerns, or groups of people do you feel you can represent?  What groups or associations will you plan to keep informed and to gather their input?
What attributes and perspectives do you think you will bring to the Steering Committee?
What value do you think you get out of participation?
What partnership ideas come to your mind regarding community programs, facilities, and recreation?
Who (other than yourself) would you recommend for Steering Committee consideration and why?
What bias – pre-determined positions - exists in the general community? What bias do you carry and how might you handle it on the Steering Committee?
Do you have related experience to a Recreational Facility Steering Committee? Please describe.
Please share an experience when you changed your opinion based on working with a group.
What times of the week are best for you to complete this work?
What would make a successful process be for you? What would your measure of success be personally?  What would be a successful process in general?
Are you available to meet for 3-4 hours each month, for up to 5 months? Are you able to commit to spend at least that much time reviewing materials each month and preparing for meetings?